Ofeq International Corporation is a Saudi company (one of the branches of Afq International Contracting) was established to serve the local market and provide its needs and requirements (office furniture, hotel, school) as desired by our valued customers. We are committed to providing the best service to all our customers, and we are proud to have a highly experienced and experienced team in this field that is primarily for your service and satisfaction. We always strive to build sustainable relationships and partnerships with our customers through our after sales service. Our aim is to provide all our services and high quality products in your hands. Our products are characterized by a variety of sources of their industries, including national, east Asian and European, in ways that keep abreast of the modernity and the past of the past through the distinctive designs. We are also pleased to provide all the needs of the customer in ways and solutions smart and creative and offer unlimited possibilities and adaptability With all the places and spaces available at competitive prices and the presentation of designs and graphics for the distribution of furniture to the final form, according to the desire and imagination of the client and the available space for us and we are pleased to announce that there is a specialized department with a long experience of all the work of painting